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OPNC Provides Grant to GALA Academy

At our March 7, 2022 Olympic Park Neighborhood Council voted to fund a Neighborhood Purposes Grant for the GALA Academy, the first all-girls public STEM school in LAUSD. GALA is located in the OPNC boundaries on the campus of Los Angeles High School. We are proud to support our students with a grant for up to $5,000 to improve traffic safety and campus beautification.

In this article from the LA Times they mention the decline of Pio Pico Middle School from 1,800 students in 2010 to 300 today. Their campus at 1512 Arlington is slated as the next home for GALA, which opened in 2016 with 160 students and has 700 today. The move is said to give GALA more room to grow.


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