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Elected Officials

Council District #10

Heather Hutt

Mayor of Los Angeles Mayor

Karen Bass

LAUSD School Board District 1

George McKenna

County Supervisor District 2

Holly Mitchell

50th Assembly District

Richard Bloom

53rd Assembly District

Miguel Santiago

54th Assembly District

Isaac Bryan

26th Senate District

Ben Allen

30th Senate District

Sydney Kamlager

34th Congressional District

Jimmy Gomez

37th Congressional District

Karen Bass





Grants in the Community

COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS :Community Improvement Projects and Neighborhood Purposes Grants cover a wide array of projects for the community.  Some examples are: costs associated with beautification projects, tree planting, sidewalk washing, median maintenance, infrastructure projects to City owned facilities, sports facilities, fire stations, police station, parks and other community facilities; community based events and programs such as CERT training, disaster awareness and preparedness, neighborhood watch and life and safety programs; graffiti abatement , to name a few.

NEIGHBORHOOD PURPOSES GRANTS:Qualifying schools and 501(c)3 non-profit organizations are eligible for Neighborhood Purposes Grants.

EmpowerLA Funding Forms

Neighborhood Purposes Grant Application

Empower LA

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