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OPNC Promotes Community Engagement

At our February 3 meeting, we amended our bylaws for the purpose of making it easier for you to get involved in the Olympic Park Neighborhood Council. We want to lower the barriers to entry so that people can get straight to the heart of bringing change to Olympic Park. The changes we made include:

  • Lowering the number of Board Members required to be present at a meeting, so the Board can still conduct business even if members are sick, out of town or yet to be seated
  • Shortening the term from four years to two, which makes for a shorter, less scary commitment length
  • Making it easier to join the Board allowing interested people to send an email five days before the meeting to ask to join OPNC

But even more important that making it easier to join OPNC is that we wanted to encourage people to vote, by developing voting habits early in life. We have lowered the voting age from 16 to 14, which will allow high schoolers to get involved in electing community representatives. They may take special interest in voting for the Student Representative which will have a minimum age of 14.

The Board passed the Bylaws recommendations outlined in the agenda and the changes have been sent to EmpowerLA for final approval.

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