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OPNC Funds Homeless Services in Olympic Park

The Olympic Park Neighborhood Council funded a Neighborhood Purposes Grant Spring 2022 for $5,000 to the People Concern whose focus is to address the effects of homelessness, poverty, mental and physical illness, abuse and addiction. “Our programs empower the most vulnerable among us to improve their quality of life – housed, healthy and safe – and become active participants in the community. We also work to educate the broader community and improve public policy.”

They provided a report on how they used our grant:

Stuart HotelIn order to provide an opportunity for our most vulnerable neighbors to get off the streets, The People Concern requested funds to provide motel vouchers. These vouchers were used by our E6 Outreach team, who engaged homeless individuals in the Olympic Park neighborhood. Homeless residents in the Olympic Park area were provided motel vouchers to the Stuart Hotel.

The vouchers were used by our multidisciplinary team as part of our proven spectrum of comprehensive services. In this capacity, they served the community at-large in multiple ways. First, for every motel voucher distributed, a community resident is automatically safer and is sheltered in humane conditions. Second, while the vouchers are a form of immediate assistance, they also serve as an engagement tool to build trust with clients, who may choose to participate in additional homeless service programs. In this way, they act as a vehicle to get our homeless neighbors permanently off the streets. Finally, the vouchers stimulate the local economy.

“We are proud to support our partners in assisting the unhoused in Olympic Park.”  said President Kyle Cadman.

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