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We have open seats on the Olympic Park Neighborhood Council. Please complete our

Fillable OPNC Vacancy Application Form

and email us at [email protected] to apply.

March 8, 20924

Hello Neighbors,

Our neighborhood council, OPNC, is in a dire situation. Due to changes in city policy and dwindling participation, we are at risk of losing our official status as a council.

As a council, OPNC advocates for our needs directly to the city council, provides funding for community enhancements, and gives our neighborhood a voice. Without your involvement, we may cease to exist.

Please consider joining OPNC. We need your voice and participation to strengthen our council. All it takes is attending one meeting per month and having the desire to positively impact our community.

Later this month, we will hold a meeting to appoint new members to fill the vacancies on our board that put us at risk of losing our status. This is a crucial opportunity for you to get involved.

If you are interested in participating, simply reply to [email protected]. I will add you to our list and provide details on our next meeting and open board positions.

With Gratitude,

Kyle Cadman
OPNC President
[email protected]

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