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OPNC Resolution for In Person Meetings

Rimpau near 8th speed humps

Return to in person meetings was the hot topic at our July 12, 2021 Meeting. The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) recently voted to require Neighborhood Councils to continue meeting online and prohibited in person meetings. Members of OPNC were frustrated that other City Council and Commissioner meetings have been allowed to resume in person, but BONC has essentially put the kibosh on our in person meetings. Apparently BONC felt that councils were able to attract more people by being online. However, it was noted that OPNC had active community members who came to every in person meeting, but have yet to attend a Zoom meeting. We approved a Resolution in opposition to BONC online meeting policy.

Excessive motorist speed on Rimpau triggered suggestions of speed humps between Olympic and Pico, but the details of what might be approved are yet to be worked out. Above is a split hump north of 8th Street on Rimpau. Photo from Google Streetview.

We also voted Milton Gaines as our representative to the Neighborhood Council LGBTQ Alliance and voted again to approve the Neighborhood Purposes Grant for the People’s Concern, as there were paperwork issues with getting it funded in the prior fiscal year.

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