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  • Gift to Joyce from Senator Holly Mitchell

  • Herb Wesson greets Joyce White

  • Herb Wesson & Joyce White

  • Senior Lead Officer Hebel Rodriguez

  • Sylvia Lacy congratulates Joyce White

  • Joyce White overwhelmed by Proclamation from Wesson

  • Daphne Brogdon, President of LANA

LANA/OPNC Town Hall Meeting Brought the Community Together

November 7, 2017 is a day to be remembered by the LANA/OPNC Community as one of the many Town Halls that have been hosted by Joyce White; this was the last Town hall for Joyce. She will be moving after so many years of commitment to the neighborhood. The location was at LA High Auditorium, Home to The Romans.

Food was served and donated by the local businesses in the area with such an abundance, that really let the community know that their patronization has been greatly appreciated. Photos and videos were taken throughout the event which included many speakers with great information.

Laura Rudison President of OPNC, Daphne Brogdon President of Lana, Councilman Herb really shocked the Stakeholders by agreeing to meet regularly at Wesson’s office with eight to twelve representatives from the community. Wesson also spoke about The City’s New Project EMBRACE LA. and the Cannabis Regulations.

Senior Lead Officer Hebel Rodriquez Spoke about Crime in the area and volunteered to come to each home to show how to “Harden The Target” (examples were Cameras, Door Locks, Window Locks etc.). Chin Thammasaengsri teaches classes and oversees Earthquake Preparedness and Emergency First Response Communication (CERT) and shared preparedness information. Purple Line Representative Ned Racine spoke on behalf of the Wilshire Purple Line. Thank you to all who came!

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