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Exercise Your Voice

MLK March

Councilmember David Ryu who chairs the new L.A. City Council ‘Health, Education, and Neighborhood Councils’ Sub Committee, is asking all NC members (both past and present) for input on a brief survey to identify ways the City can be more supportive of our NC system.

Questions cover our individual experiences with Funding Policy, Elections, Online Voting, and how to improve DONE/EmpowerLA’s role, etc. As NC members, we strive to continually give stakeholders a voice. Councilmember Ryu, a former NC Boardmember, is asking for our voices (directly) on how to help make L.A’s neighborhood councils live up to their full potential.

Please take three minutes to provide some unique insight: Neighborhood Council Experience Survey.

In addition, a growing coalition of NC Board Members throughout LA are coming together as DONE Watch to demand that our NC’s return to the hands of community leaders.

If you would like to get your stories told, share information or otherwise get involved please go to DONE Watch.

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