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Executive Committee – Consists of the Executive Officers. Chaired by the President of the Board, Laura Diane Rudison. Approves agendas proposed by the President for Board meetings. Recommends actions to the Board of Directors.

Budget and Finance Committee – Chaired by the Treasurer, who oversees and administers all OPNC financial matters, including a system of financial accountability as required and approved by the Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment.

Environmental and Health Services – vacant

OPNC Youth Pulse – Chaired by Student Representative  vacant

Outreach Committee – Chaired by the Vice-President of the Board, Bonnie Strong. Develops an ongoing outreach plan and effort to insure the maximum participation by OPNC stakeholders. Implements the stakeholder communication and outreach policy as stipulated in Article II of these bylaws.

Rules and Elections Committee – Oversees enforcement of the rules and Bylaws of the Council. Initiates amendment process to the OPNC Bylaws. Proposes and enforces standing rules as necessary with the approval of the Board. Establishes a Nominations Subcommittee as necessary. Informs the voting members of all election rules and procedures, and reports at OPNC general meetings on any changes to these that it has adopted. Some of the duties of this committee may change when the City Clerk assumes oversight of the election process in June 2010.

Planning and Land Use Management Committee – Chaired by Theodore Smith . Shall review, take public input, report on, and make recommendations of actions to the Board of Directors and membership on any zoning, land use, development, and planning issues affecting the Olympic Park Neighborhood Council.

Trade,Commerce & Public Works Committee – Chaired by Mitch Edelson

Transportation & Public Safety – Chaired by Gerry Pass.

Utilities and Building Safety –  vacant

Other standing or ad hoc Committees – may be established as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors to carry on the work of the OPNC.

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